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Banishing Ritual Kit

Banishing Ritual Kit

Ravens Alley

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This is a complete Banishing Ritual Kit with a handmade 8 Oz. liquid bath.  All items in this kit were handmade, including the candles being custom made for Ravens Alley.  The oil, powder, herb mix, and liquid bath were all handcrafted by Palero/Owner Keith Swift.

Kit includes:

1 9” Black Ritual Candle

1 4” White Candle

1 Oz. Of Ravens Alley Banishing Oil

1 Oz. Ravens Alley Banishing Powder

8 Oz. Ravens 9 Herb Cleansing Liquid Wash

1 1/4 Oz. Ravens Alley Banishing Herbs

1 Prepared Mojo Hand for Protection

This comes with complete and full instructions on how to do the working, dress candle, and use the herbs and bath. 

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