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Welcome to Ravens Alley.


We are here for you and your needs.

We are here to help you whether it is a candle setting, supplies, Custom Talismans, Spirit Hands, Custom Powders and Oils to your specifications, Oracle Readings, weddings, handfastings and  Spellwork.

We hope you enjoy your time here and find all that you need. We are eclectic believers of many faiths, religions, and ways of life.  

The website is still under construction and items being uploaded. If there is something you do not see, please contact us and ask. We likely have it.


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Tata Swift was right on point with my reading.  He brought things up no one knew about outside my home that were happening.  He gave me great guidance and counseling on what should be done.

I later had him make me some cleansing and protection baths that were amazing.  He also performed a road opening ritual for me, and some court case work.  I had a sudden turn around of events that became better and I won what seemed to be a loosing battle in court.

I highly recommend him.


Lisa S.

Mission has been accomplished.!!!

Just found out that the person had quit her job and left town..Once again Tata Swift, thank you,

Karen Lee

I have been using Tata Swift's Crown Of Success oil and powder to try and find a new and better job.   I was in a slump and getting no offers or interviews.

I started using the powder and oil, and have had many job interviews now, and waiting to see which one  I get.

Emily ~

I ordered Tata’s Gamblers Lucky Clover oil, and received it a couple of days ago. Went to the Casino and hit $2,200 jackpot, returned the next day and won anothr $850.00.  The results speak for themselves.

Richard C.


Hi Keith,  Another thank you from me to you.   In the fall last year or so, you did a St. Lazarus healing for my Aunt regarding her Menieres disease.

  She has only had one attack of vertigo since & the progression of the disease itself has appeared to slow tremendously.

     A few weeks ago, her nephrologist told us that she is starting to approach renal failure.  Her labs were garbage and our hope was dwindling.  I requested another healing from you and in less than 6 weeks her lab work has improved considerably for the better.

  If you know anything about health care, you know people may lie, but lab work does not.    Once again , i am so very grateful to you and spirit for the wonderful work you do. May you be blessed with happiness and prosperity.   


Although Raven Alleys offer other services, I recently had to seek help with Healings. My legs were cramping pretty badly. I thought it was work-load and stress. But then when those episodes started waking me up at night, it’s very concerning. Reached out to Raven Alleys. Something was done. And I actually forgot about it. Soon enough I feel better. The Healing result was pretty fast too. Thank you is all I can say 😊

Harriet Greggory

Tata, I want to thank you and your spirits for the results of your spiritual work. I have a manager that has been unfair to me and abusive to others. Her manager was blind to her reputation and actions. She resigned this week, and she is moving to another state. THANK YOU!

A. Ashberg, Denver, CO.

This whole thing starts with the hiring of a Keith for a family matter. I had used his services for other issues and felt hopeful that he could aid me in this new chapter of problems. 

My mother passed away suddenly and secretly. She lived many hours away and we were estranged, my mother wasn't a very good person in life.I remember having a conversation with her and I told her all I really wanted were the family photos for my children. Dozens of albums dating back to when my mother was a child.  In the middle of this my brother, a drug addict asked me for help and promised me me my help would give him access to everything and he would help by him giving me my portion of the fortune...that's not what happened. He used me and made off with  every penny.  This is where I called Keith for help.

When Keith consulted his spirits he was given a green light so we did what we did. I was hopeful but not deluded. Hiring a spiritual worker is alot like hiring a doctor. You find someone who you can put your trust in and when you approach them with something, you know sometimes they can cure you, sometimes they cannot. He consulted his spirits two more times and they said blessings were heading my way. But that's it and from what I knew..everything was gone and my brother basically stopped contact after he got his hands on the money. 

I walked away from it.  In this case nothing seemed to happen. Now fast forward about a year ... I am in the state of my mother's death which is also the place I was raised and my children were born.

My daughter says "hey can we visit aunt xxx"...I say wow, I  don't even know exactly where she is. I turn the corner and she says..omg it's right *There*. I look and you can't miss it, the tomb.  I went inside. What I found was beyond comprehension.  Every family photo. All the albums.  Some other insane stuff too..but the one thing I wanted more then anything else...was here. Now I have no idea how they got there or why. I have no idea why I found this crypt so easily, but in the end I considered it a blessing. A blessing. "Blessings were coming.”

As I headed home on that long drive with a car filled with photos...I finally understand what Keith's spirits meant.  The force guiding me was strong...and I don't know who needs to hear this...but I want you to know...when spirit promises you should not question things. Just know it's coming not in your time but spirits time.

Thank you Keith. 

Esmerelda H.

I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to Tata Swift for the unbelievable work he did on a court case for me. I knew I was asking the impossible. I had been so upset over what I am sure would have happened, were it not for the work Tata Keith did.

I was specific in my requests/ demands,knowing I was asking a lot and that it seemed out of the realm of possibilities,  but those demands were so necessary, as it involved a child. Yet, every single thing I requested actually came to pass, and we watched, in awe, as one thing at a time was checked off my list and we watched the impossible happen.

Unbelievable.I am still trying to wrap my head around it all. This seemed like a really tough case too, as it involved very determined opposition. But Keith wasn't intimidated, he did the work and I am eternally grateful.. Many thanks Tata Swift


I asked Keith to do work for me to both move along my not so great boss and help me to move up in my career... Be it at my current organization or elsewhere.

It was something I consulted with him about 3 times... But didn't pull the trigger until our last consult.

Within 3 days, I had an amazing phone interview. Within 4, my boss was going to help professionally. While I await my 2nd round, I continue to hear rumors about my boss and what is thought of him. Never thought that any of this would come so quickly!

Beth N.

Thank you , ever so much, for the very professional and powerful Yearly Reading. Your advise offered, was knowledgeable and easy to understand. I highly recommend your readings!! It’s worth every cent!!

Dee Hesterlee

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