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Boneset 1 Oz. or 1 Lb.

Ravens Alley

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Boneset, also known to North American Indians as 'Ague-weed'. Or as 'White Snake Root, also used quite often in spellcraft, as a sorcery for protection, exorcism, to aid in warding off jinxes, curses and hexes, cleansing and counteraction occult poisons.

Boneset has a reputation for preventing and curing unusual sickness. It is said to ward off jinxing illness by carrying Boneset leaves in a mojo bag with Angelica Root and Devil's Shoe Strings. To ritually cleanse the body, rub dry Boneset leaves all over your body, then take the leaves outdoors and burn them with Holy Incense. Brew Boneset leaf like a tea and bathe in it to get rid of enemy tricks that have affected your health.