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Ravens Alley Witchcraft and Sorcery Classes

Ravens Alley Witchcraft and Sorcery Classes

Ravens Alley

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Classes, last a year and a half to two years for intro to intermediate-level training, with on-one, live classes, under Owner, Keith Swift.  To know about Owner, Keith Swift, click on his bio under divination and readings.

This has a monthly fee and lasts about a year or a year and a half, set up as a subscription.

Divination is done with the spirits and saints to see if you are accepted by them. Because this is not for everyone! This is not Wicca or Wicca-type courses, this is hardcore, nature-based animistic witchcraft and sorcery!

Once the subscription for the class is paid for, the Owner, Keith Swift will contact you via email to let you know if you're accepted and to discuss a date and time. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Onyx Nighthawk
Unparalleled Instructor

The curriculum for beginners builds a strong foundation for any individual who would like to learn, each class builds on the next. Keith works with you once a week one on one and give the class live. He explains everything in a simple manner to make it easier to comprehend. He is always available wether he is out of the country or not to his students. I personally have come to Keith with personal matters numerous times and he has guided me through it and have been successful each time . He has also provided services for me and my family numerous times and situations have manifested very quickly and successfully. I highly recommend Ravens Alley for not only Classes, Services but also goods. I have a large number of products and each product has been hand made by Keith. Everything he makes is custom made for the client. Bonus, Keith is a highly energetic individual who has an easy-going personality. But don't be fooled by his modesty he will most definitely never back down of any working. He has done incredible protection work for me.

Tianna M
Extremely Interesting and Utterly Engaging

I came across these classes via a recommendation from a friend, and I've never been so glad to follow a recommendation! These classes are phenomenal. I've learned so many things that I hadn't even thought were possible. The classes are extremely comprehensive, incredibly interesting and taught by an Keith, who is a fantastic tutor. I've recommended these classes to many people already, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone interested in learning new, fascinating concepts, as well as refreshing and expanding their knowledge of known concepts.

Mary Mallahan
Current student in witchcraft and sorcery

Every week I look forward to the next class. They’re so inspiring and at times mind blowing. I never thought before taking these classes I would be capable of some of the things Keith has so far taught me. He is an amazing teacher. Patient, knowledgeable, supportive. Even after the class is over if you have any questions he’s right there to help answer them.
The only thing I wish I had done is take these classes sooner. They literally change your life. Definitely sign up if you can, these classes are so worth it!!!!