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Past Life Regression , By Jana Krause

Ravens Alley

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The Alley is proud to announce the addition of Jana Krause!  Jana has already been with us doing reiki healing sessions, as she is a licensed Reiki Master, and carries certifications in EFT, Hypnosis, and Rapid Eye Movement. 

Here Jana will be doing Past life Regression individual sessions with a focus on meditative techniques, and created in an environment that will allow the subconscious to open up and experience past life events in a safe environment.  Once successfully regressed, to the past life,  you will be safely guided through the experience. A discussion of the experience will follow the session. 

This is a one-hour session and can be done in person, or long-distance via Zoom.  Once the session is paid for Jana will contact you to set the time, date, and specifics.