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Lungwort (Common) Dried, chopped, Pulmonaria officinalis

Lungwort (Common) Dried, chopped, Pulmonaria officinalis

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Botanical name: Pulmonaria officinalis

Common Names: Lungwort, Common lungwort, or Our Lady's milk drops

Habitat: The lungwort plant is native to Europe and western Asia and belongs to the family of Boraginaceae and the Pulmonaria genus of flowering plants. One species of the plant - P. mollissima - is found in the region spreading from east to central Asia.

Lungwort is a perennial plant. It grows up to 20 cm in height and has hairy and alternate, oval-shaped leaves. Basal leaves are wide, and the upper leaves are smaller, usually marked with distinct, white spots. Small tubular flowers appear in clusters. They are red at first, but turn pink-purple as they mature. Flowering occurs during summer.

Plant Part Used: Leaves.

Country of origin : BULGARIA

Slavs believed that the flowers of lungwort held in them all life periods: Pink flowers (young blooms) energy for life: they are good when added to soups and salads. Blue flowers aid in healing, for they collect powers from healing woodland dew. Purple flowers are old flowers – they have already given away their powers into the roots