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So, spirits, working with them and invoking with no to little experience.

So, spirits, working with them and invoking with no to little experience. Here we go.

If you are a novice, have not worked with spirits for very long or at all, only read a few books on conjure, conjurations and that of summoning or conjuring of spirits... please do not think you’re a pro just because a few articles on google or a few books made it easy... please have a professional or a known person with experience help and teach you...

What these articles, links on google and the books do not tell you is the precautions needed, protections needed, and how to deal with certain spirits, deities, etc. With that said, what you gonna do when you try calling one up and you piss it off or offend it... yeah that book, article and link didn’t cover that did it, or how to protect yourself because it decides to turn on you. See, this is where and why learning from experienced practitioners is important.

Here is an example I have seen recently... and honestly I am not sure what this person was thinking or why... but it happened! A person is mad at someone, enraged and pissed to no end... wants revenge so they decide they’re gonna turn to use a spirit, a mean one that’s a scary and inflicts harm all out of anger (a bad idea and reason to try and curse someone).

Said person googles and reads books on spirits and finds Santa Muerte, she looks mean and scary and is known to mess with people good, but wait there is another aspect of her called La Negra!!! Supposed to be meaner... said person looks up La Negra and finds an online ritual to call and curse... boy ohhhhh boi!

Now said the person isn’t as pissed a few days later and decided they’re just gonna do it out of fun anyways because this isn’t really that serious or real anyway, right???👀👀👀

Well, said person learns very fast that Santa Muerte is no Joke, especially in the form of La Negra! And La Negra does not find this funny or a joke, and said person finds out just how serious and dangerous she can be because she turns on the said person... because it was not divined on, nor justified, and sure as hell ain’t no joke!!!

Now said person is under attack, the same attack said person tried to throw as a joke and has cursed herself with a very dangerous aspect of Santa Muerte... is very sick and getting worse, and their entire life is falling apart... all out of anger, disrespecting a spirit and non-divination, but, most importantly should never had tried this with no experience or training how to do so.

Now, this is a small example of why I say divine, and know your spirits and know how to, and have someone help if you dunno how.

The sad part is the example I just gave, is a true story... a very real, true story... I am not a devotee of Santa Muerte, let alone La Negra... my pots kept telling me to send to a very experienced devotee... as they will have to help... so I did... to a long time friend in Mexico City who is a very experienced devotee...

I hope this message reaches some who need to hear and see it... some of you are playing with real fire and do not realize it... and will get burned very badly!


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