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Lore and history of your craft, traditions, and religions, and their importance.

As I speak to many newer pagans, witches and initiates new or newer in their craft, and even some who have been practicing for some time now,  I have come to realize many, do not know or understand their folk lore and history of their said craft, tradition and religions. It leaves me asking myself, how can they not know this or be taught these things: as they are key elements in knowing how, and why certain things are done, and those certain key things are key to learning and using a tradition or religion properly.

 Why is folk lore and history of witchcraft, ATR/ADR religions and traditions of all types so important? I can just google what I’m looking for and find the answer.  To which I respond this is true, you can... but is that source you googled correct? Is it true information on what and how to do something? 9 times out of 10 the answer is no. I then go onto explain that the folk lore and history of these religions and traditions is important because in the stories and history it can often be found on how ancient practices were done, and why they are still done the same ways today and the power it holds behind it.

I then go on and ask myself, if people’s teachers, spiritual leaders and god  parents are not teaching this to them, then how can they expect their student to troubleshoot and find answers for themselves, and properly work within a tradition and religion?  The answer to me is apparently not very well as many American covens, Ile and Munanso’s are driven by the dollar and not fully about tradition. The bigger issue is if one does not understand their foundation, and building blocks of its past, how strong will the walls be you try to build with a weak foundation?  

This is why knowing the folklore and history is so important, it is your building blocks, and many answers to questions are often found their as well. Just jumping into witchcraft, ATR/ADR or any tradition and religion just wanting the power and work magic is a bad idea... this is why starting at the very beginning, learning your core foundation, lore and history is so important, because I guarantee you google does not know a lot of the key lessons and fundamentals found in history and lore, especially the  ones that require initiation.


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