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The Black Walnut, Leaves, Tree and There Uses

The Black Walnut, Leaves, and Tree

            The black walnut (Juglans nigra), they have a  meaty shell, that is a real bear to crack, more so than a regular walnut, has less meat inside and its flavor is vastly different!  It has many uses, but so does the rest of a walnut tree and black walnut tree when used for or as Materia Magica.

Let’s start at looking at what is Materia Magica. I get asked this a lot when I use the term, even by alleged “seasoned” workers … simply put, Materia Magica is the materials you use in your spiritual practices and magical workings, tapping into their power to incorporate into your work or for your personal uses in a spell and in spoken word. Or, if we want to get technical, according to the university of Michigan, “Materia Magica approaches magic as a material endeavor, in which spoken spells, ritual actions, and physical objects all played vital roles in the performance of a rite.”  (Wilburn, A. 2005.)  Really this is the simplest breakdown of what it is I have ever seen.

            So, the parts of the Black Walnut Tree and its uses: The nut is used for bathes and oils for separation, chord cutting, cut and clear, break up work and protection, and wisdom, as the meat inside is usually resemblance of a small brain, and ink.  The leaves of the black walnut tree can be used for all the same except the ink, but it is often added to workings of break up and hexing or jinxing folks, and protection as well.  The wood of the Black Walnut tree can be used for making wands and staffs, usually for areas of wisdom, aligned with earth and fire energy, masculinity, protection, and expelling of negative energies. Black walnut wood has also been used in jinxes and so called "dark magick" to just name a few of the uses.

Medicinally, and other uses of the black walnut and leaves: Acts as a natural remedy against parasitic infections, also some use the extract as a gargle to kill bacteria in their mouth. Extract from black walnut leaves can also be used to treat skin conditions, such as eczema, psoriasis, and warts, and some digestive issues. (Petre, A. MS, RD (NL), 2019).

            So, as we see here, the walnut and Black Walnut have many uses across the board, and in many cultures the walnut itself has lore  around the world!  Happy casting, foraging, and eating!



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