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STFU Conjure Kit

STFU Conjure Kit

Ravens Alley

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This STFU conure kit includes everything you need except the cows tongue to get the work done! Need to stop someone from slandering you, gossiping about you, causing trouble in your life in any way. If someone's talking to someone they shouldn't be about things they shouldn't be talking about, this is a good way to shut them up.

This type of working is quite often used in court cases in regards to the opposing side, the opposing attorney, or even your own attorney if he keeps mucking things up and shooting himself (and you) in the foot every time he opens his mouth.

Someone talking to your man or woman, and you want them to stop?

Someone file a complaint about you or otherwise keep wagging their tongue to cause you trouble?

Or do you need someone's tongue to turn against them or betray them in some other way? Perhaps spill their secrets, tell the truth no matter what?

Then this is the kit for you. 

Kit includes:

1 Black Candle 

1 Small spool of black twine

1 Oz STFU Oil

1 Oz. STFU Powder

1 Oz. Palm Oil 

1 Oz. Vile mixed with herbs and roots needed for the work

9 Pins

9 Needles

9 Nails


and 1 Brown paper bag petition piece.

Instructions included. 

Cow's tongue you must buy at local grocery store, farm or meat market.

If you need this customized please contact me for a consultation to see what will be needed.