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Spiritual Work

Spiritual Work

Ravens Alley

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Spiritual Work

Duration varies 

A consultation must be done before any spiritual work is accepted or done for any client. The consultation type will depend on the type of work you desire or whether we will refer you to another worker.

Includes but not limited to Blessings & Cleansings, Relationships, Legal, business, Money Issues, and a variety of other issues.

Please email at or

No refunds on services or spell casting at any point or time on services rendered!

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
I ain't saying she a gold digger...

When we found out my dad had married we all wanted to meet his new bride. We did everything to make her feel welcomed. Every nice gesture was refused. Handshakes, hugs, food, drink all refused. She always looked miserable at family functions. We slowly started realizing that she was only with him for his money. If money was involved or traveling she was smiling and showing him affection. Our dad was all blind to this going on. That's when we knew we needed someone who could help us. Alot was at stake so we had once chance to get this right. When we did the consultation with Keith, he asked what we wanted, we kept it simple we wanted dad happy and of course ro protect all his assets. No prenuptial was signed so that was our priority.
Today, my dad signed divorce papers that she gave him and she's asking for nothing at all. I couldn't right this review fast enough. For time reference Keith started this work in the summertime and we quickly saw results. Small progress was seen on a weekly basis.

Will definitely come back to Keith for future work.

Wendy Miller
Help with job

Thank you Keith in help with my brother and his job with the airport. It was in a standstill, and I could not understand why taking months for an answer. We did the lamp and prayer to Saint Anthony before Christmas and finally the airport is going to allow him to keep his job but reducing his security clearance but at least he keeps his many years seniority and returns to his job that he loves going to!

Crina Popescu
Very helpful

I am Crina, from Romania, asked for help, had reading, Owner was fast and prompt, got cleaned and road opener. All is good now. Will come for, more in future.

A. Ashberg
Getting rid of gold digger

We contacted Ravens Alley for help on a referral from a past client of Keith.

We had someone marry into the family specifically for the purpose of money, and was trying to divide us and our dad. A consultation with Keith revealed what could be done and what route to take doing so.

Arrangements were made, and within two weeks time the gold digger was gone, and left our dad due to a fall out and disagreement that happened!

Our greatest gratitude and thanks to Keith, and Ravens Alley for all they did!

joni Ryan

I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to Tata Swift for the unbelievable work he did on a court case for me. I knew I was asking the impossible. I had been so upset over what I am sure would have happened, were it not for the work Tata Keith did.

I was specific in my requests/ demands, knowing I was asking a lot and that it seemed out of the realm of possibilities, but those demands were so necessary, as it involved a child. Yet, every single thing I requested actually came to pass, and we watched, in awe, as one thing at a time was checked off my list and we watched the impossible happen.

Unbelievable. I am still trying to wrap my head around it all. This seemed like a really tough case too, as it involved very determined opposition. But Keith wasn't intimidated, he did the work and I am eternally grateful.. Many thanks Tata Swift