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Spanish Moss 1 Qt Bag

Spanish Moss 1 Qt Bag

Ravens Alley

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Collected recently in Florida.

Tillandsia usneoides (commonly called Spanish moss, although it is neither Spanish nor moss) is an atypical angiosperm, a primitive and xerophytic member of the Bromeliaceae. It is native to the coastal plain of the United States from Virginia to Texas and to tropical America as far south as Argentina and Chile. Its distribution may be correlated with major storm paths.

A few folks claim it enhances Money Charms, but Root Workers will tell you that it is a powerful ingredient in Evil Work, for which purpose they add it to War Water or Black Arts Oil. Most especially of all, it is thought to be the best filling for a Doll Baby intended to represent another person. Old-Time Conjures will stuff a Cloth Doll Baby with Spanish Moss and a blend of 3 or 7 Love Herbs or Destruction Herbs (depending on the purpose of the Doll), then sew within the Dollie's Head the Hair of the Victim.

Native Americans used it when binding wounds; it is a stomach tonic and an expectorant and soothes coughs.