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Pica Pica Pod 3 pcs.

Ravens Alley

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Pica Pica

Also known as the velvet bean, Bengal velvet bean, Florida velvet bean, Mauritius velvet bean, Yokohama velvet bean, cowage, cowitch, lacuna bean, and Lyon bean and the scientific name Mucuna pruriens, is a tropical legume native to Africa and tropical Asia and widely naturalized and cultivated.

The plant and its extracts have been long used in tribal communities as a toxin antagonist for various snakebites. It has been studied for its effects against bites by Naja spp. (cobra), Echis (Saw scaled viper), Calloselasma (Malayan Pit viper) and Bangarus (Krait).

The plant is notorious for the extreme itchiness and burning sensation it produces on contact, particularly with the young foliage and the seed pods. Hence other nicknames it gets such as the Devil’s Bean or Mad Bean as scratching the exposed area can spread the itching to other areas touched. Once this happens, the subject tends to scratch vigorously and uncontrollably and for this reason.

I use these in workings where I really need or want to irritate someone... cause non stop itching feelings and confusion... powder it and put in a skull candle with some fire ants and snakeskin...add as a powder to a cows tongue you’re twisting up and binding for the burning itching sensation in an STFU working... just a few of my ideas