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Ravens Alley

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Used in various Hoodoo practices to keep loved ones safe. Usually by adding to ritual baths or by keeping near photos of the loved ones. Often also with beloved pets.

Motherwort was first used by the Greeks to soothe the anxiety of pregnant women. This use continued and spread and gave the herb its common name. The botanical name, Leonurus cardiaca also comes from the Greek.

Historically, the herb has been associated with longevity and fertility. When burned or used in an oil, motherwort can help bring about fertility, help add ease to a pregnancy, and also lend to divination about the birthing of the child or the raising of the child. Make a tea using motherwort and put the liquid in with your family's clothes when washing, or put in a spray bottle and spritz on your pillow or in a room that materializes the idea of family and motherhood to you.