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Healing Rituals

Ravens Alley

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Only after a divination and spirit journey session will a healing ritual be agreed upon or performed. 

This is done with natural elements of nature, herbs, waters, stones, earth, trees, etc.  These rituals are done only when seriously needed. 

if you have an issue if health you would like to be considered for this please contact us at to set a time for consultation on this method of healing. 

time frames and prices vary for this service. 

Customer Reviews

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J.J. Olafsson
Medicines helped

After a consultation, Keith recommended herbal medicines that was made and shipped to me hear in Iceland, three days later I was much better and very thankful!


Although Raven Alleys offer other services, I recently had to seek help with Healings. My legs were cramping pretty badly. I thought it was workload and stress. But then when those episodes started waking me up at night, it was very concerning. Reached out to Raven Alleys. Something was done. And I actually forgot about it. Soon enough I feel better. The Healing result was pretty fast too. Thank you is all I can say 😊