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Dragons Blood Powder 1 Oz.

Dragons Blood Powder 1 Oz.

Raves Alley

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Dragon's Blood is very potent and powerful.  Sprinkling the powder around your home and property creates a protective barrier.  Burning Dragon's Blood will drive away negativity and evil.  Dragon's Blood will increase the potency of any spell and any incense it is added to, and same with love work or your love life.  A little goes a long way with this resin so remember, less is more. 

Remember, Dragon's Blood is potent and a pinch may be all you need.  When carrying it with you, place it in a pouch because the resin will turn whatever it touches red including your pockets.  Use it to protect your property, home, and its inhabitants.  Dragon's Blood drives away negative energy and negative spirits so consider adding it to your cleansing rituals, especially after a healthy dose of spring cleaning. Use Dragon's Blood to coax a lover to return or use it to increase the potency of your current lover's performance.