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Witches Grass cut 1oz or 1 Lb.

Witches Grass cut 1oz or 1 Lb.

Ravens Alley

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In magickal folklore, Witches Grass is used for happiness, lust, love, exorcism, overcoming obstacles and reversing hexes. Sprinkle around the home for seven consecutive days to overcome depression and dispense of petty spirits.

Taken internally as a tea and also used for baths and irrigation therapy.

Also Called: Couch Grass, Rhizomes, Twitch Grass, Scotch Quelch, Quick Grass, Dog Grass, Panicum capillare, Hair Grass, Panic Grass, Tickle Grass, and Tumble Grass.

Witches Grass is an invasive grass that grows well in regions with warm summers and cool or cold, damp winters. Its name is derived from the simple fact that dogs will eat the grass when they are sick to induce vomiting and cool the blood. You should not grow dog grass in your herb garden unless you are able to keep it well contained.