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Rusty Rail Road Spikes

Rusty Rail Road Spikes

Ravens Alley

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Whether you are using the railroad spikes to secure the home or property form a landlord or bank or nailing down the corners to keep evil and negative spirits away, these spikes are for you.

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1 Rusty Iron Rail Road Spike $5.00

4 Rusty Iron Rail Road Spikes $20.00

Prepared set of 4 Iron Rusty Rail Road Spikes $30.00 - Prepared and ready for use upon delivery.

Rusty Iron Rail Road Spikes Ritual Kit $45.00. 
Comes with all items needed except whatever you use to put fire to spikes. Has complete instructions.

All Railroad Spikes for the prepared spike kit and ritual kit are all personally done by me.

The use of Old Rusty Railroad Spikes in magical spells is based on their value as forged iron and that they have been used. Much like used and rusty horseshoes, these qualities. used for protection, nailing things down, shielding, and warding is the best.

All prices do NOT include S&H.

All packages are personally put together and mailed by me.