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Myrrh Grain 1 Oz.

Myrrh Grain 1 Oz.

Ravens Alley

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Myrrh is one of the three holy incense.  Myrrh is used to bring peace, calm and to purify areas. However, Myrrh is also used in a variety of incense and oils like Egyptian incense, love and luck incense and oils, as well as jinx, removing and some even us it in black arts oil as well. It is a very diverse grain, powder or gum.

Myrrh is the dried sap from the Commiphora myrrha tree, which is native to East Africa. Highly aromatic, myrrh was valued as an incense and perfume by ancient Greeks and Arabs.  Myrrh is also rumored to be used in ulcer treatment, anticancer, antiseptics and as a detox.

Ravens Alley does not give medical advice and is not able to tell you how to use Myrrh for ulcer treatment anticancer, antiseptics and as a detox.  Ravens Alley is not responsible for your use or decision of how to use this product.