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Knot Magic, History, Lore, and Applications in a Modern Age

Knot Magic, History, Lore, and Applications in a Modern Age

Ravens Alley

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Knot Magic, History, Lore, and Applications in a Modern Age:

Used in Mesapotomomia and ancient Egypt for protection, same in Eastern and Northern Europe, for love in Romanian and Eastern European magic, northern (Norse Volva/Vitki/Vitkar) used it for harming, binding, protection, and love, and same in middle east, for safety and protection for fishermen in Europe and in Asia as well as many others.

Knot magic is an old form of magic used in folk magic, sorcery, traditional witchcraft, conjure, etc., and has its roots around the world... almost forgotten and not practiced much in the modern world, but not forgotten at all!

Come see and learn how this old powerful effective magic that is part of many traditions across the world, can and is still applied in a modern world and by myself in my workings when it can be applied and used.

Once paid for, the class can be downloaded right away or via a link emailed to you.

Owner, Keith Swift will be teaching this class,  Mr. Swift has an extensive background of over 20 years of Scandinavian and Irish Folklore and folk magic, beliefs, customs, and training by some of the top people on the subjects in modern times, under the tutelage of Johannes Björn Gårdbäck of the Trolldom Tradition, Skogi Thorson of Iceland in Icelandic Sorcery, Seidr, and Galdr, Dr. Eoghan Craig Ballard in Irish lore, folk magic, and customs, and folk customs of Ireland from his family.

Mr. Swift is also initiated in Palo Kimbisa, the Golden Dawn, and is a Freemason.