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!!!June Special!!!! Black Walnut Spiritual Bath and oil!!!

Ravens Alley

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Starting today, Saturday, June 28th, 2022, 8 ounces of black walnut spiritual bath and one ounce of black walnut oil will be on sale until June 30, 2022, for  $35.75… Normally $46.95 for both.

            The combination can be used for chord cutting, severing ties, and break-ups, as well as banishing negative energy. The Black walnut bath and oil have the specific property of assisting in breaking off a relationship or any contact with another person or cutting Chords These ties are severed using the Black walnut. Be sure that you want to end the relationship before you fool around with this combination.

The oil and bath are made s of pure black walnut hulls and are not intended for ingestion, but for use in spiritual work.

Comes with a candle and a piece of Cedarwood for cleaning and clearing.


8 Oz. Black walnut Spiritual Bath

1 Oz. Black Walnut Oil

1 Cedarwood stick

One candle