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Gjallarhorn, War horn, Bay horn, spirit horn

Gjallarhorn, War horn, Bay horn, spirit horn

Ravens Alley

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15" Long Around the Curve                                                Type: Polished Bull Horn Gjallarhorn (Sounding Horn)
Color: Brown, Black, White, Off-white
Quality: #1

Gjallarhorn was one of the Norse Gods most prized possessions. The name means blowing or yelling horn. In modern Icelandic it means mega phone which is exactly what this horn is; an all-natural megaphone. Make a sound into your War horn and it projects and amplifies the sound made. The Vikings used the horn to warn others of impeding battles as well as call people for meetings and dinner. This horn has been hand carved and polished. The end features a plastic on  mouth piece. Just don’t blow into it make an effort with an aaaugha sound, a Ricola, or just speak into it. The possibilities are endless.

Handmade or carved to order.  Just message us at:  Each horn may vary in design and style.