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Readings by Owner Keith Swift

Readings by Owner Keith Swift

Ravens Alley

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Keith Swift,  has been immersed in his ancestral traditions for well over 30 years and trained under mentors of living lineages and traditions in Iceland, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Scotland, and Ireland, and professionally practicing them for over 20 years, as well as initiations into the ATR, Masons, H.O.G.D.

Readings by Owner Keith Swift, are done with Chamalongos, Ogham, Runes, bones, or by candlelight, whichever spirit reveals its needs.  Readings will be in-depth and given as they are shown by the M’pungo, spirits, ancestors, and the dead. Readings will be done in 60-minute increments. 

Oracle cards, Runes, and Ogham can be used upon request only if you do not want the other divining tools. 

Item Eligible for a monthly subscription.   

Mr. Swift also offers one on one lessons in folk magic, witchcraft, and sorcery.  Message Mr. Swift for more information.

Please email us to set a time and day at or by messaging us by using the message us icon at bottom of the page.

We have other established readers as well, just click on their link and bio in the divination section to book a reading with them if you prefer.