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Toad Bone Amulets

Ravens Alley

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Choice of Amulets, the first one is for Witchcraft/Enhancing its power and protection.  

The second Amulet is for Love and attraction of good luck.

The toad is a powerful symbol of change and transformation, as symbolized in its growth from a tadpole to a toad.  It has strong associations with fertility, magic, fairies, alchemy, folklore and Witchcraft. 

The Toad Bone amulet was said to give a variety of strange magical powers to those that carried it.  And it is believed that other Toad bones if collected properly, and certain rites performed such as the “ toad bone rite” could give you power over animals, nature and your enemy. And according to Pliney, certain bones prepared certain ways of a toad could be used in love work, discord and strife; and a certain bone prepared properly and worn as an amulet, could be used as an aphrodisiac!The left eye and right eye of the toad in Celtic or European folklore and magic is said if prepared properly could cure some of the worst ailments...