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Oak Wand, Ash Wand, Willow Wand, Maple Wand, Rosewood Wand

Oak Wand, Ash Wand, Willow Wand, Maple Wand, Rosewood Wand

Ravens Alley

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All wands hand made and crafted at the Alley!

Oak wand: Long-held sacred for strength and a door of the Gods, by a variety of cultures throughout the world. Oak is the perfect material for a magical wand and can be used to help empower your magic. 14" 

The Pagan Ash wand is particularly useful in spells of protection and healing. Lore holds that it is most useful against other sorcerers and conjurers. 14"

Willow Wand: A wood associated with mysticism and magic for ages. Use willow to help in spells guarding against evil, love spells, healing, or in help in the conjuration of spirits. 14". Comes in a nice linen earth-toned bag.

Maple wand: Maple wands are a useful tool for directing energy in any ritual or spell setting. All wands vary greatly from one another. Some are purely the work of nature and some have been worked by a sculptor's tools to enhance and compliment what nature has done. Let the universe decide which is yours! The wands are gathered by the sculptors and sustainably harvested locally. 13 " - 16"

Rosewood Wand: offers aid in increasing the potency of earth-related spells and magic, especially when the spell involves the woodlands or the energies of the forest. 14"