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Marshmallow Root Cut also known as Althea

Ravens Alley

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This root has been used for ages across the world and time to Ancient Egypt and its refinement going to medieval Europe up to modern times. You may have a vision of kids and campfires toasting modern marshmallows, but herb root bits can be used as an offering to the Gods, granting boons, and aid in fulfilling wishes.

Marshmallow Root has a long history in folklore and magic. The ancient Greeks were known to use it for its medicinal properties as did the Egyptians. In fact, it is believed to have gotten its name from the Ancient Greeks Althea and is a derivative of the Greek word, altho, which means “to cure.” Althea is referenced in the Book of Job and in Medieval times Althea ointment was used to drive out evil spirits and made an excellent protection ointment.

Marshmallow root/Althea is a popular herb for any type of psychic divination work. It is believed to make a powerful incense when burned for these purposes.