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Mandrake Root by the Oz. or Lb.

Mandrake Root by the Oz. or Lb.

Ravens Alley

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A powerful herb that is used to create a Homunculus, Mandrake also aids in exorcism, spells involving spirits and increasing magical potency. This is American Mandrake - Mayapple, not Mandragora.

Mandrake again is a two-headed herb with a duality for good and bad uses. It is said that A dried mandrake root placed on the mantelpiece will protect and bring happiness and prosperity to the household. It will also prevent demons from entering. Placed on top of money, it will make the money multiply. A mandrake root can be used as a poppet for sympathetic magic. It can also be carved into various shapes for magical use. The berries, as well as the root, are used in charms to increase fertility. Carried, it is said to attract love. It is also used in aphrodisiac spells.

And, on the flip side, it is said to incite delirium and madness, though it was once used as a sleep aid, for those who were in too much pain to sleep. Pieces were also given patients to chew when they were about to undergo surgery.

I do not recommend using this plant in food or to ingest by any means as it is POISONOUS!