Working with Saints, and Hoodoo google doctors

While we live in the internet domain world, and we can access millions of hits in seconds in a google search, there is a lot of bad and misinformation out there.

With this, we find Dr. google who like to google their symptoms before seeing the doctor and say “but google said”!!! Only to find out that they have a different issue, but want to try and argue a google search with the good doctor.

This happens in the spiritual community and realm as well, we have the hoodoo google doctor and spiritual adviser who gets most their information they share from books and google, giving bad information, making peoples situation worse than before. Especially working with the saints!!!

That being said, if you do not know what you’re doing with the saints, or a particular saint please do not just google it and bull crap your way through it with some crap that you find online... as an example the poor lady doing prosperity work being told to put St. Expedite in a box and keep it closed till she uses it... ummm This particular saint needs to be publicly displayed and acknowledged... keeping him in a box closed up will not get you results at all, let alone speeding up and expediting your wishes and prayers... after she had done hers and paid $300 for help with finances, and wanting them expedited to her... she lost it all!

So please, if you do not know how to work with a saint, petition then and work with them please do not be the Hoodoo google doctor and mess up someone’s life worse than it is... instead send them to someone who can help them!


Tata Nsasi Quimbisa...

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  • How do you work with Saint Michael and Saint Expedite

  • Just wanted to say I love his work and he is damn good at what he does very good person but I will say if you don’t want to hear the truth or you want it sugar coated well not here because he tells it like it is all about honesty so with that said keep up with what you do and the great work 💜


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