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 My name is Keith Swift, and I am the owner of Ravens Alley.  I am a Palero, Aborisha (for now...lol), Celtic Ancestral Folk Magician, and Necromancer.  I am also a Master Mason, and a former member of the Golden Dawn.

In my blog post, I will cover a variety of topics from working with natural nature elements to working with the ancestors and conjuring up the dead to oils, powders, and products used in different traditions to a certain degree where I will not break any of my oaths.

All of these subjects are things we as witches, brujos/brujas work with on a normal basis, and certain traditions and religions rely on certain elements, objects and spirits more than others.

To kick this off, my first real blog entry will be about making sure you find the right godparents, coven, tradition and religion, and making sure it is a legit ceremony and not just a fly by night Baba, Oba, Palero or any other type of priest out there.

So, if it is the first time to my page, welcome to Ravens Alley!!! We are glad you are here.  Feel free to read the blog entries as they come, and cruise around the shop.  Feel free to ask questions, and if there is something you are seeking, feel free to ask, I likely have to or can get it as I am still uploading 2,500 more products on top of new ones I make or create.

Sit back, relax and enjoy my shop!


  • @Eria, Yes, it can be carried as a single piece once blessed and set in your pocket for good luck. Or, it can be put in a single red flannel bag, add other attracting herbs like catnip and red clover, a little money attraction or good luck oil to it, tie it up as a mojo and carry for good luck. Or, add it to oil base and let it rest for at least a month to infuse to make it into a usable oil for good luck, prosperity, etc.

    Tata Swift
  • @Colleeen Richards, Ty.

    Tata Swift
  • Can you share some tips on using the herb high john? Congratulations on starting your blog 😁

  • Love the new blog!!!

    Colleen Richards

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