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Toad Bones, Rites, Use, Lore and magic.

Toad Bones, Rites, Use, Lore and magic. 

The toad is a powerful symbol of change and transformation, as symbolized in its growth from a tadpole to a toad.  It has strong associations with fertility, magic, fairies, alchemy, folklore and Witchcraft. 

The Toad Bone amulet was said to give a variety of strange magical powers to those that carried it.  It is related to the toadstone, a stone said to rest in the head of a toad. The toadstone could grant invisibility to its bearer. 

And it is believed that other Toad bones, if collected properly, and certain rites performed such as the “ toad bone rite” could give you power over animals, nature and your enemy. The left eye and right eye of the toad in Celtic or European folklore and magic is said if prepared properly could cure some of the worst ailments... 

And according to Pliney, certain bones prepared certain ways of a toad could be used in love work, discord and strife; and a certain bone prepared properly and worn as an amulet, could be used as an aphrodisiac!  (Naturalis Historia 32.18).  

And according to LR Haggard,  “There was one charm she told me of witch was practiced when any one wanted to get command over there fellow creatures. Those that wished to cast the spell must search until they found a walking toad. It was a toad with a yellow ring round its neck, I have never seen one of them but I have been told they can be found in some parts of the Country. When they found the toad they must put it in a perforated box, and bury it in a Black Ant’s nest. When the Ants have eaten all the flesh away from the bones it must be taken up, and the person casting the spell must carry the bones to the edge of a running stream the midnight of Saint Mark's Night, and throw them in the water. All will sink but one single bone and that will swim upstream. When they have taken out the bone the Devell would give them the power of Witchcraft, and they could use that power over both Man and Animals.” 

from I Walked by Night: Being the Life & History of the King of the Norfolk Poachers (1935) 

edited by LR Haggard

In alchemy, the toad signifies the dark side of Nature.  In ancient Mexico, the toad symbolized the Earth, and of course St. Cipriano, the use of the toad to corse and kill if spells are done rite!

There is a bunch I purposefully left out here, mainly due to time constraints and don’t want to give a novice to much info because, well, they’ll be inclined to try it and hurt themselves or others...



  • @Carla Smith, I’m not sure of one that resembles a key, however, I know in the folklore it is said that "Indeed being the holder of a toad bone amulet was so seen as being the key possessing magical powers that in some areas folks possessing arcane knowledge and skills were known as toadsmen. "

    from The Pattern under the Plough (1966)
    by GE Evans

    That is the only thing resembling a ket in regards tot the toad bone and amulets I know of.

    Ravens Alley
  • I’ve read of a bone of the toad that resembles a key do you have any information

    Carla Smith

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