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Samhain Festival Candle Setting

Ravens Alley

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Samhain (Halloween in Ireland) one of the four main fire festivals in Ireland, is a time to honor the family's ancestors and those that had passed. These spirits were honored and invited into the family home while the harmful spirits were kept away. Folks wore costumes and masked themselves as harmful spirits to avoid any harm.

On October 31, 2021, we will be lighting the bonfire and erecting an altar of thanks, and offerings to the ancestors and dead, and inviting them into our lives and wishing the harmful spirits away, and making prayers for the coming year.

Following custom and tradition, we give thanks for the season of the harvest, and its coming to an end as we enter the winter months with the festival of winter, foreshadowing the start of the new year! The offering, following tradition and custom, will be traditional-made Colcannon, left in small bowls by each light lit with a spoon for the dead to feast upon. Also, the Yarrow leaf divination will be done in general as a whole.